I was leaving my job after 9.5 years having trained and worked for the same company all my career. It was a very difficult, emotional and nerve wracking time in life but finding Pete made it so much easier! He contacted me and right from the first phone call, I knew he was open and friendly with positive energy and most of all, understanding. He helped me through all the interview process and was in regular contact to calm my nerves. He is outstanding at his job and never once did I question whether I was in good hands. Thank you so much Pete. I would absolutely be straight back in contact if I ever needed to find something new and I would 100% recommend him to anyone.

Toni LeDuc, RVN

Pete was very helpful in securing a job at Gloucester when it was really difficult for me to get one after I relocated to Cheltenham. He is so friendly and always responsive. He also gives feedback everytime just to keep my mind at rest. I won’t forget to mention that he gave me tips to prepare for my interview.  Overall,  Pete is a professional at what he does.

Oluwaseyi Sanusi, Vet

I contacted Pete and he made a promise to me that within 2 weeks I would have another job and he was true to his word.  He managed everything for me, including: setting up interviews at clinics that suited my skills and interests and talking to the employers afterwards which took the stress completely away from me.  I would definitely use Pete’s services again and would confidently recommend him to all of my friends.

Nessa Harbottle RVN

Pete has been by far the best recruitment consultant! He responded quickly to my initial interest, and worked his magic to get me interviews within days! He was a recruiter, a motivator and a supporter all rolled into one. A week after first contact he gave me the joyous news that I had been offered the position of my first choice!  He even got in contact a few weeks after my start date to see how I was and to make sure all was well. He says he genuinely loves what he does, and you can clearly tell. I would not hesitate to say: get in contact with him 😊

Aly Spanswick Veterinary Nurse

Pete managed to find a part-time job for me which I am very grateful for as I am no longer wanting to work full time due to wanting a better work-life balance. Communication was great, professional and friendly. I felt nervous going to the interview as I hadn’t nursed for 7 months as I am on maternity leave, but he made me feel at ease. I am very excited to be starting my new job! Thanks Pete.

Jaynie Love RVN

I found Pete to be personable and professional throughout our recent dealings.  He was totally honest and up front, giving me a thorough overview of the candidates’ requirements as well as their experience and history.  Pete was on hand to talk outside of normal office hours where required and nothing was too much trouble.  He thoroughly understands the recruitment process and helped things run smoothly throughout; I wouldn’t hesitate in using his services again

Dr L Sobye BVSc MRCVS, Willett House Vets

Pete is fantastic! Very professional and friendly. He was very open and honest. He knew what he was doing. great communication, completely understanding of my wants and needs from the job, very quick and thorough service and great advice.  I felt at ease having a conversation with him, he also made me feel confident and at ease attending interview. Gave all the information needed to help me feel and be prepared. Amazing service. Got the job thanks to Pete

Charly McClagish RVN

Pete was helpful and attentive from start to finish. He had great communication and was completely understanding of my wants and needs from a new job. Really happy with his service and have already recommended him to my friends. Thank you!

Lauren Smith RVN

I came across Pete & CareerVets after a job search listed him and I contacted him.  I heard back from him within the hour via the phone and had a lengthy chat about what I was looking for in a job, and covering all aspects from location, to skills and progression.  Pete managed to line up an interview in under 24 hours for 2 practices, to which I accepted the first one as I felt it would provide good career and progression prospects and would be supported as a newly qualified RVN.  I would recommend Pete over other agencies, as he goes above and beyond and ensures that all parties are happy and would definitely recommend him to other veterinary friends and colleagues in the future.  Many thanks.

Clare Garrett RVN

I came across CareerVets after applying for a position on Indeed. After I had applied, Pete phoned me the following day to discuss the role in more depth. Pete was extremely approachable and friendly on the phone. We had a good, informal chat about what I wanted from my next position (I can be a bit picky, after being in practice for so long and having a 4 month old daughter). I expressed it was important to me to have an excellent work/life balance; Pete completely understood my needs and I felt Pete really listened to me, I didn’t feel rushed when discussing what I wanted or judged in any way.

Pete also spent the time looking into other positions for me whilst we awaited communication from the practice. Pete made sure he kept connected with me, whether this was via phone call, email or text. Luckily he didn’t need to explore other opportunities for me. He arranged my interview with the practice I had applied for in a timely manner & he asked me to keep in touch after the interview, which I did. On the evening of the interview, following a previous phone call with him, Pete phoned to inform me that the practice had offered me the position.

Even now, after accepting the position he has emailed to ensure everything is progressing as it should. I am extremely pleased with the service I have received from Pete.

Gemma Rouse RVN

Pete has been fabulous (again!) Not only did he quickly find the job that is the best fit for me, but, in his own very personable manner, doggedly pursued things for me until the right deal was struck. What’s more, he kept me sane during the whole process! Pete takes the time to get to know not only what you need and want from your work life, but also what you need and want from the rest of your life, so that he then understands exactly how to negotiate on your behalf.  He builds personal relationships with practice personnel with his lovely chatty manner which facilitates the stressful task of sorting out all the finer details.  He really provides a level of personal service that I just don’t think is available from a bigger agency.  Recommended!

Stephanie Goode MRCVS

Pete has taken the time to build a relationship with our practice over the years and so when the right RVN came along he got in touch with us straight away.  I appreciate his time, advice and trust that he always has the best interests of both parties at heart.

I highly recommend CareerVets!

Karen Sykes RVN, Practice Manager, Harvest Vets

So what can I say? I have been using Pete for a few years now (8 years!). I use Pete because I know that he takes the time to help find the right job for me. I find with larger companies the job isn’t always suited to you, but Pete will spend time getting to know you and what your career aspirations are and go from there. Pete has placed me into 3 jobs (hattrick!) over the years.  I highly recommend Pete as I feel he actually wants what’s best for you and genuinely cares. I struggle to write this as words don’t always show how appreciative I am for all the help Pete has given me over the years. I know I will always have the best help getting a job when using Pete’s services. I had a tough time recently and he really helped me through it and got me a new job straight away; I couldn’t be more grateful.

Chloe Ackerman RVN, HN

Pete has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He contacted me regarding a job and spoke to me the very next day offering to speak late in the evening to accommodate my shifts. He communicated regularly, checking in and making sure I was ready for the interview. He even replied to my last minute nervous questions before the interview late at night! He really listened to my needs and found me the perfect fit. I would highly recommend him as he made me feel at ease talking to him and made me enjoy the process of finding a new job! Thanks Pete!

Katy King RVN

I can’t believe how helpful and supportive Pete has been throughout the entire process. He’s removed all the stress from job hunting and helped me secure my dream job. I can’t thank him enough for all his hard work, and would without a doubt use him again in the future.

Tash Cheetham RVN

Pete has been amazing with helping me find a new job that suits my lifestyle better. He took the time to listen about my personal life and what I needed most in the new role. Pete was always contactable and really helpful from start to finish. He made me feel at ease about the whole process from the interview to accepting the offer of the job. Pete was honest and also very understanding. I would definitely recommend and seek out to him in the future!

Alice Drawater RVN

We would highly recommend Career Vets. As a bespoke Veterinary Recruitment agency the benefits are obvious from the outset. Pete provided a friendly, efficient service from start to finish culminating in us hiring a brilliant candidate.  Wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.

Tracey Norris, Practice Manager, Quarry House Vets

In the beginning I didn’t want any recruiter helping me to find a new job, I was sure I could find the best for me by myself, but I didn’t know that by putting my CV on Vetclick, recruiters find you anyway!

I have to say that I spent a lot of time speaking about my previous experiences with Pete since he needed to make sure of my profession background and references. He has been really understanding and emphatic. I had been dreaming about going back to Scotland for a long time but I couldn’t find the right position with enough support within an independent practice.

I have to say that thanks to Pete, I could finally find exactly what I was looking for in little time as well!

Pete is an excellent professional recruiter.

Many thanks Pete!

Francesca Tito MRCVS

Pete is really easy to chat to, clear, approachable, and very open to support both the candidate and the employer. Great regular communication from him, ensuring he’s always trying to find the right candidate to meet my needs.

Nurse Manager, Hospital, West Midlands

Pete is one of the most efficient and dedicated professionals I’ve ever had contact with. He called me the day after I was interested in a job, did a preliminary interview to understand my needs, and got me 2 interviews within days. After speaking with him, I got a job on the 7th day. I have never got a job so quick before, and it’s a job I always wanted, with people he knows and trusts.

I highly recommend Pete, he is an excellent professional, always prompt to answer any questions any time.

Thanks again Pete!

Talita Scatolin SVN

I have to say after dealing with other agencies Pete was like a breath of fresh air. The way he gained an understanding and dealt with the needs of our business far excelled any other agency I had previously used. He was in no way imposing or pushy at any point and really took time to understand exactly the type of person we were looking for. Nothing was too much trouble for Pete and he kept me informed and up to date with regular communication on how things were progressing. Pete would definitely be the first person I would call should I need to recruit in the future. A very professional and friendly service that I will certainly recommend.

Les Smith – Practice Manager, Isle Veterinary Group

I applied for a nursing position in South Wales via CareerVets on the 15th July 2020. Pete got into contact with me quickly to discuss what I was looking for and my personal circumstance (my qualification had been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic however as I was only waiting to complete OSCEs I was looking for a permanent registered position).  Pete contacted me every few days to inform me of his progress.  By the 27th July, Pete had secured an interview for me and by 3rd August,  I had officially been offered a position at the practice. Pete was fantastic throughout offering encouragement and advice. This truly felt like a personal service, and I always felt cared for throughout the entire process.  I can’t recommend Pete and his service enough

Chloe Woolvin, Veterinary Nurse

From my personal experience with Pete, I can say that I am completely satisfied with the help that he gave to me!  He answered quickly to my emails, he was very friendly and he also tried to find the most suitable job for me!! Moreover, he informed me about other things such as the UK Tax, National Insurance etc., something very important for my new beginning!!  Pete is an extremely nice guy who I will recommend to everyone who wants help in order to find a job in the UK.

Ariadni Vardaramatou, Vet

Pete has been a great help in my quest to find the perfect position.  He has always been fast and professional, answering my doubts and helping me to get ready for the interview. I can highly recommend his services, he will get you the job you are looking for!

Jose Pedro Fernandez Pascual, DVM PgC (SAS) MRCVS

I can’t recommend Pete highly enough. Unlike larger agencies, he really does give a one-to-one service – he takes the time to discuss personal circumstances and requirements in great depth, with the result that he can then proceed to search for jobs specifically tailored to your needs.  He remains steadfastly ‘on the case’, persistently following things up, with the result that I had interviews within the week, and a new job secured less than 2 weeks from our first conversation.

In addition he was always on hand to discuss options and give realistic and honest advice.  I can’t thank you enough Pete!

Stephanie Goode MRCVS

CareerVets is a very professional and supportive company! I found that Pete was especially friendly and helped me through the whole journey of finding my new job! I am so surprised by how quick and easy the process was. Pete was very helpful at guiding me through my interview and took the time to be available to contact with any questions I had!

Ebony Simmonds, Vet Nurse

CareerVets are a very friendly and professional company, Pete was very helpful and efficient at finding us a Veterinary nurse, and setting up an interview quickly. He communicated regularly with us and encouraged feedback from both parties, which we have taken on board for future interviews. We would be happy to recommend his services for finding suitable veterinary professionals

Dragon Vets, Cheltenham

Pete excelled all my expectations of working with a recruiter. He was incredibly warm, friendly and personable and put me at ease straight away. He really listened and understood exactly what I was looking for in a new job role and so I trusted his judgement completely. His communication was fantastic throughout the whole process and he regularly kept in touch with updates and feedback. I really appreciated his help and support guiding me through the job hunting and interview process. It was fantastic to have Pete every step of the way, I will definitely seek out his assistance in the future.

Nichola Orchard, RVN

Pete was an immense help to me during my search for my next RVN role. His communication with me and with prospective employers was very prompt and informative. This resulted in me obtaining a very exciting new role in a referral practice. Thank you, Pete!

Rebecca Varcoe, RVN

Pete has been amazing at helping me find a new job.  It was completely stress free as I could carry on with my university work. He was quick to reply and would always keep me updated.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a new job opportunity!

Mary Sammons Vet Nurse

I was pleased to meet Pete Vernon on my way to find a job in the UK; he has helped me a lot.  He found an appropriate job for me within as quickly as 2 weeks and after a Skype interview I had a good offer which I accepted.  Whenever I needed to ask Pete about things he replied very quickly. I think he is professional and a nice person who I feel free to ask when I am in doubt.  Thank you Pete.

Kuba Marek MRCVS

I’d been the process of searching for my perfect job with no luck. Then I became lucky enough to work alongside Pete, he was very good at taking note of my requirements and he had a professional manner throughout. The speed of service was efficient and I was made to feel positive and supported at all times. I am now lucky enough to have found my ideal job thanks to Pete’s help and would recommend his service to a friend.

Sarah Hind BSc (hons) FdSc RVN AdvCertVPhysio

My experience with CareerVets was superb.  Pete very quickly understood what I was looking for and he made sure to find me a job that would fulfil my needs and my goals. Communicative, friendly, straightforward, he was always present and helpful.

I would highly recommend his service!  Thanks for everything Pete!

 Antonios Spyrogiannoulas, MRCVS

Finding a new job can be a minefield and since qualifying I have been in touch with a few agencies regarding jobs.  I can hand on heart say that Pete was the best agency I dealt with, he was quick to respond and genuinely took an interest in where I wanted my career to go.  I was not put up for jobs I didn’t want and Pete was open and honest about jobs and if they would be a good suit for me, there was never any pressure to accept a job I didn’t see as being a good fit.  I would definitely recommend Pete as he doesn’t just put you up for jobs in your local area, he matches you as best he can to jobs based on career goals and salary expectations. Thank you once again Pete.

Natalie Sharp RVN

I would like to thank Pete Vernon for assisting me in finding my first job as a RVN. Because I am busy in my last year of university, Pete made the process of job searching quicker and easier for me. I found him to be extremely positive, friendly and helpful which made me feel at ease throughout the process of my first job search. Pete was also efficient and very good at keeping in touch with me throughout the process. I would highly recommend his service to any other student or registered veterinary nurse looking for work in a difference practice.

Gemma Gormley RVN

With the end of my veterinary nursing degree looming, I was worrying about finding my first full time job as a RVN. When I first spoke to Pete on the phone, these worries soon faded away! He made me feel comfortable and supported me through the process. He took into account my amount of experience and my own requirements when finding available jobs in my area, it was really relaxed! Through interviews he provided guidance, tips and reassurance through the whole thing, with added reassurance when I got a rejection. He has found me a perfect place to work near home and I couldn’t have done it without him.

Highly recommend his services to anyone!

Amy Bright RVN

For once finding a new RVN was a straightforward and hassle-free experience, which I put down entirely to Pete’s courteous, prompt and professional support.  I won’t hesitate to use his services again

Jacqui Tyler, Practice Manager, Letchworth Vets

We have recently recruited a new vet with the help of Pete Vernon. Pete understood our requirements and was able to connect us to the right candidate as soon as she became available.  Pete regularly followed up our progress and successfully balanced our interests and those of the candidate.  He was professional and efficient in all our dealings and we were very pleased with the outcome.

Hadyn ONeile, Aniwell Vets

Pete was a truly helpful, patient and understanding person throughout my job seeking process. As a new grad he made the idea of venturing abroad for a job exciting rather than scary. Would definitely recommend !

Fiona Kilgannon, Vet Nurse

When I decided to look for employment away home I wasn’t sure where to start or what I wanted. Pete was a great help with everything and always made sure he was doing right by me. He genuinely cared and wanted me to be happy with the place he found. His service was exceptionally fast as he had a potential job in roughly a day which I am now currently employed at. I would highly recommend Pete to any veterinary nurse looking to relocate.

Aisling Dillon, Veterinary Nurse

First time using an agency and I’m very happy with how it went! Pete was really friendly but very professional at the same time. Listened to what I wanted and needed, and made the process a lot easier. Pete was excellent at working around me and being available at all times of the day. Great result!

Becky Wilcox, RVN

I want to thank Pete who has been amazing and has helped me to secure a job in my dream practice. I have never used the service before but would not hesitate to use again and would very highly recommend the service. Pete was extremely helpful and easy to talk to, he contacted the practice who at the time was not looking for a nurse and arranged a meeting for myself. I then received a phone call asking if I would like a position with the company. Thank you so very much for all your assistance.

Alex John, RVN

When I started to look for a new job and having used an agency before, I was afraid it was going to be a painful process, but Pete Vernon made it really to secure the right job for me. He listened to what I wanted, was quick in response and very kind. I have no hesitation in highly recommend his service to everybody looking for a job in the veterinary industry.

Malgorzata Papiez  MRCVS

Upon coming towards the end of my degree I was worried about job hunting, finding the right place with the right people whilst also juggling exams and assignment hand ins! Pete was so helpful and so friendly; he asked me what I was looking for and made that his top priority when looking for practices, and on my interview day I must say he did a great job finding me places with strong, close knit teams! He was so encouraging and really supportive; I would definitely get Pete’s help again in the future

Hope Taylor RVN

I couldn’t believe that looking for a job could be that easy and effortless.  I got Pete’s name from my friend who was very happy with his service and he was very helpful indeed.  I like his straightforwardness and informality. He understood my needs and found a good match. He was always available and ready to help with any questions or concerns.  I know that I can always contact him in case of any doubt or if I need advice.  I can definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for a job in the UK.

Ania Jędruch  MRCVS

It has been a real pleasure dealing with Pete. He has helped us fill a RVN position with an excellent candidate. He really cares about the employees long term goals and finding a position that really suits them, this was obvious from the conversations we had.

This approach is also invaluable to an employer like ourselves. Being sure that our requirements are a close fit to the candidates will hopefully add to a stable team. I would be delighted to work with Pete again.

Katy Horton – Partner, Vet on White Hart Lane

It was very reassuring to speak to Pete, and to find a recruiter who was willing to listen, to be honest and who was always on the end of the phone, even late in the evenings. Pete was always positive and supportive, and had such a friendly approach. I would have no hesitation recommending him, I have found other recruitment services to be dishonest and unable to understand the profession, but Pete was superb.

Matthew Burns MRCVS

I called Pete to help me with a job hunt, he persuaded me to keep an open mind about jobs that I wouldn’t necessarily have considered.  By the end of the day that I first called, Pete had set up an interview for me and five days later I had a job.

His helpful tips for the interview and great communication both by phone and email were exceptional and I’d recommend CareerVets to anyone looking for a job.

Thank you again

Bethany Birch MRCVS

I had gotten a job with Pete before and he was great. Very helpful, understanding and super easy to talk to. It wasn’t until I had gotten news I had to move and had handed in my notice at work leaving only just over a month to get a new job. I was very stressed. I emailed Pete and within an hour he had replied and immediately calmed me down with his positivity. I gave him my new requirements and he went away in search for a job. The next day he sent me 4 different options and within a number of hours he got the interviews organised and 3 weeks later I have a new job and I am ready to start my new life. Couldn’t have done it so quickly or so calmly without Pete. I would highly recommend Pete, he will only suggest jobs based on what you want and in amazing time.

Linda Walsh RVN

Pete helped me to find my first job fresh from university. From our first phone call and throughout the process Pete instilled me with confidence that he understood what I wanted and I felt assured that he understood the market I was looking in. He remained in regular contact and was always on the end of the phone if I required. I was ecstatic when I got both the interview and later was offered the job and I am very grateful for all Pete’s efforts on my behalf. It made the whole process that little bit less stressful knowing there was someone there to help! I would recommend his reliable and knowledgeable service to anyone.

Thanks again

Isabel Johanson MRCVS

I have to say if I were looking for a job in the future I would definitely use Pete again. Pete has been really helpful, he goes above and beyond and is always at the end of the phone whatever hour if you need to discuss something! I think Pete is a genuinely nice person who wants the best for his clients- and having dealt with other recruitment firms in the industry, this is a rarity!

Alice Fleet-Newman RVN

Pete offers a very personal recruitment service, taking the time to get to know the client and provides regular updates on how the process is progressing. His services far surpassed other recruitment agents I have used.  He was a pleasure to deal with.

Angus Yeomans

I recommend Pete and Career Vets 100%. Pete was thorough when finding out what I wanted from a job, and picked appropriate practices for interviews. Out of the 4 interviews, I got a job!!!

Throughout the process Pete communicated regularly with me, gave me helpful hints and tips and made me feel like nothing was too much trouble Thanks for everything Pete!

Louise Logie SVN

Pete was an absolute pleasure to work with. He listened attentively to what I was looking for in a position. Thankfully I have found a perfect practice that gives me the opportunity to progress my career. I am an Irish girl who will be now working in England. Pete was very supportive and helped with any concerns I had. I would recommend Pete 100%

Amy Darby VN

It was a pleasure to work with Pete after dealing with plenty of other recruiters that failed to offer such a personal service. He really got to know me and what I was looking for, with regular updates on interviews and feedback from prospective employers. I would definitely work with Pete again and recommend him to anyone searching for employment.

Jennifer Wright RVN

Pete dealt with me in a very professional and efficient way. He produced results quicker than I expected. His service was very fast; his communications were frequent, regular and efficient. From the beginning, he perfectly understood my circumstances and what I wanted from a new job..the second interview he booked for me was the successful one!!  I was so happy when he contacted me to say:  Congratulations! You got the job!  I wanted it so badly and the whole process was so quick, no longer than three weeks.

Francesco Spinola MRCVS

I could have wrote a poem to Pete. But I prefer to use the famous Julius Caesar quote Veni, Vidi, Vici. Five stars, very professional, he knows his job perfectly

Marco Revoltella, Vet

Pete had helped me out twice whilst looking for a vacancy. He has an open, friendly demeanour and nothing is too much for him. His communication is outstanding, giving regular feedback and updates whilst tirelessly looking for a position that will suit you; he listens very carefully to your requirements and fights for them! His enthusiasm is infectious and he makes looking for a job a happy and positive experience. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you!

Amy Woore RVN

The best thing about CareerVets is being able to get a good idea about any potential employees before even interviewing them.  It was refreshing to have an honest and frank conversation about what each party is looking for, appropriate salary and development opportunities, and to ensure the right fit for both employer and employee.  All that without having to sift through CV’s which say little about a person’s character or having to worry whether the salary package was attractive enough.  Pete was a pleasure to work with – he saved me time and hassle and more importantly we got the right person for the job.  Cost wise, it was very reasonable.  I had already spent more than CareerVets’ fee on 2 months of advertising in publications!  I will definitely call CareerVets first when looking for new staff in the future.

Mike Clare, Practice Manager Stanbridge Veterinary Clinics, West Sussex

Pete contacted me a few months after I had registered with him as he discovered a position that would provide me with the opportunity I was looking for as well as the bonus of being close to home.
Unlike some people Pete makes you feel like a friend and I quickly felt at ease with his reassurance that he would be able to find this more challenging role that I wanted to help advance my skills in practice management. Which he did!
He was prompt in dealing with each step of the process and kept in touch all the way through and even checked in after I had started!
I feel he is sincere and courteous and I would not hesitate to recommend him to help anyone find the role they seek – much better than all the other agencies I have dealt with in the past. Thanks Pete

Nurse Manager, Warren House Veterinary Group

Pete was amazing, I first came across his website when looking for a job after finishing my veterinary nursing degree. After receiving my CV, Pete contacted me to discuss my ambitions. Later that day he found two fantastic jobs opportunities and we arranged interview dates. He was brilliant in keeping in touch, always wanting to know how I had got on with every interview, even the ones he did not organise. With his help, support and advice gave me the confidence to successfully attain my first job.

I would and have already recommended his services to many of my colleagues in the veterinary industry looking for a new job. If in the future I wanted to move on I wouldn’t hesitate to contact him.

Fliss Steventon RVN

I would like to say how amazing Pete is, I contacted him one week and the next week I was offered a position doing exactly the job I wanted. I was looking for something that would get me into veterinary nursing and he found exactly that in my local area. He kept me up dated every step of the way and was really easy to talk to. I can’t wait to start my new job and its all thanks to him. Thank you Pete.

Rachel Perrin ANA

Pete was a great support and very helpful. I came across his website after trolling the internet for new job opportunities. I thought it be a good idea having extra eyes and ears to help me find my perfect job role. All I can say is: it paid off. Communication between myself and Pete was brilliant, regular contact, via text messaging, e-mails and phone calls. Pete spent time getting to know me, my current situation (at the time) and what I wanted to get out of my career as a Veterinary Nurse. He is very courteous and I would recommend him to help anyone else find their perfect role. Overall an excellent professional service.  Thanks Pete

Sharron Perkins, Veterinary Nurse

Pete offered an excellent service and was professional and helpful through the whole period of searching for my ideal job.  The job I am now in wasn’t one that Pete applied for as a change of role came up in the place of employment I was already in, however I am very grateful for all the effort that Pete put in to looking for different jobs for me.  I will definitely be recommending CareerVets to friends and colleagues if any of them do decide to have a change of employment.

I cannot thank Pete enough for all he did and for the support and guidance he gave me whilst I was trying to find the job I wanted. Also, for all the people worried that CareerVets may be just like another locum agency… this is not the case and from one conversation with Pete you will realise this as Pete is more focused on finding the right job for you as opposed to just finding you any old job.  Overall a great service.

Emma Warren RVN

Pete offers a wonderful service where nothing is too much trouble for him. The decision to change jobs was not an easy one for me but Pete guided me through the decision with thoughtfulness, caring and reasoning. The initial consultation was very thorough and I felt Pete was really trying to understand what I wanted from a job. He kept in contact at all stages and gave me constructive feedback from what practices had said.

Pete is passionate about his job, extremely enthusiastic and very helpful. I would recommend this service to anyone.

Laura Morgan, Vet

Earlier this year I decided to relocate to be closer to family. The thought of finding time to look for another vet position while trying to juggle work and a young family was daunting.  From the moment I spoke to Pete he reassured me he could do a lot of the ground work and he surely did. Within a couple of weeks I had two interviews and a new job! Pete was very supportive and realistic throughout the whole process and kept me regularly updated with possible positions.

I would thoroughly recommend his services to anyone in our profession

Kate Clarke, Vet

I was considering leaving my old job in Northern Ireland but I found it very difficult to sift through the dozens of job adverts out there.  It was so difficult to tell which jobs would suit me and which to apply for, especially when I was working full time.  Then I got in touch with Pete, who straight away rang to have a chat.  He took the time to find out exactly what I was looking for and within 24 hours had a list of excellent job opportunities for me to consider.  Within 2 weeks I had been for 2 interviews in the UK and got a new job with a practice that is a great fit for me personally.

I felt Pete was genuinely interested in finding a job that suited me and he was great at keeping in touch by text and phone every step of the way.  So it’s thanks to Pete that I am starting a very exciting new chapter of my career and I am very grateful to him. Thanks Pete!

Michelle Geraghty, Vet

I just wanted to say a big Thank You!! to Pete for helping me with the job hunting and for finding me the job I was searching for.
Within minutes of me sending an email to CareerVets I had a phone call from Pete and he was ever so helpful and very thorough and listened to what I was looking for!
I would definitely recommend Pete and CareerVets.

Thanks again

Rachel Cooke RVN

I had left practice late last year and embarked on a different career as a lecturer.  However, I missed working in practice and started to look for vet nursing jobs in my area.  I found one on another job website, emailed them, and had no reply.  So I tried another website and emailed Pete.  The following day Pete contacted me and we had a chat about what I was looking for etc.  Fast forward three weeks later, I got the job!!!  Pete was so helpful and went above and beyond to help me.   I would recommend his service to anyone.

 Sarah Birkin RVN

Pete at CareerVets helped me to find a job that I really wanted within two weeks of my relocation to the UK.  Pete recognised exactly what I was looking for in my next career step and took the hassle out of job hunting.  I would definitely recommend CareerVets.

Fionnuala Quinn, Vet Nurse

Pete has been great help on my journey to finding my first job.  He has been very supportive, interested and involved throughout my job search.  He kept on top of my interview dates (probably slightly more so than I) and got in touch almost immediately after each one to gauge my thoughts on the interview itself and my soon-to-be colleagues.  After only 2 weeks, Pete managed to guide me to the perfect job for me! He seems to have a lot of experience, and was very friendly while sussing out my thoughts on the practice and if it was the place for me.  Ecstatic to be joining the team!  Thank you for everything.

Ally Garner, Veterinary Surgeon

Wanted to say a massive thank you to Pete who helped me with my recent job search and relocation. Pete is very professional, understanding and takes the time to get to know you so as to ensure to find the best fit for both you and a future employer.  I felt very much in the loop with regular updates and communication, Pete’s knowledge of the area and local practices allowed him to give excellent advice and help me find a good fit.  I’m due to start my new job in January and am so excited.  Thanks Pete for taking all the stress off me and caring so much.

Lily Jones Bsc (hons) BVSC MRCVS

Pete is an exceptional recruitment consultant.  I have been able to trust him implicitly.  He talks through each situation as necessary to ensure it is successful and has been a pivotal person in my career.  I am very grateful to him.  If you are looking for someone to find you your ideal job this is Pete.

Matt Casey BVM&S MRCVS

Pete is an excellent recruiter, his phone calls were so punctual and regular that in the 2 weeks he took to find me my new job we practically became friends.

He is extremely proactive, thorough and caring, and made the quest very easy for me. I had used other recruiters before but if I will ever need to find another job Pete will be by far my first choice! Thank you Pete

Giacomo Uva MRCVS

Pete was extremely helpful, positive and professional throughout. I was offered a job within two weeks of him searching for me and was over the moon with the friendly, proactive service I received.  I would highly recommend using CareerVets to find the right job for you, in an efficient and personal manner.  I couldn’t be happier!

Amelia Small, Veterinary Nurse 

After speaking with Pete on a Saturday eve no less than five days later I had a new job!  He was extremely professional and relaxed in his approach, and I felt he really understood what I was looking for in a new job.  I was looking for a part time vet nurse role with quite specific needs having a 21 month old little girl at home to care for.  Being a dad to a young child himself he really understood juggling home and work life!  Thanks Pete for all of your help 🙂

Helen Buck RVN

Pete at CareerVets has been fantastic.  I contacted him in quite a panic to find a job and he was very understanding, took all my details and within a few hours had a few potential jobs for me! And now thanks to Pete I have found my perfect job!! The service he provided was impeccable from start to finish only a phonecall/email away if ever I had a question, going out of his way to find the right job for me.  Pete helped to make a stressful situation not so stressful! Can’t thank you enough, highly recommended to anyone looking for a job!

Lydia McCormack RVN

The service that Pete provides is efficient, friendly and very personal. From day one of my first contact with Pete he set about short listing practices based on my specific criteria and within 24 hours multiple avenues had already opened. Constant phone updates with new options, interview advice and feedback were much appreciated and solidified my opinion that Pete does indeed go the extra mile for his clients. Pete will be my first and only port of call when I chose to move jobs in the future.

Douglas Dick MRCVS

I was highly impressed with Pete; he got in contact straight away after my e-mail to him. He took the time to find out what I wanted and my ideal location. He helped me search for my first job straight after college. The service was brilliant! I was kept updated with phone calls and e-mails as soon as he found things. He searched for the jobs that would suit me best and was very successful and spoke to me straight after interviews to get my thoughts. I would highly recommend Pete.

Laura Bailey, Veterinary Nurse

Very happy with the service, Pete was regularly in contact with potential jobs. He very much looked for jobs that would suite me as there were certain things I was looking for. He didn’t suggest jobs that would be unsuitable. He is very easy to talk to; he very much listens to what you are looking for. Encouraging for potential jobs and interviews, gives good advice. Overall very happy with the service, have no complaints, would definitely use his company again!

Hannah Bird, RVN 

From the first telephone call Pete was helpful, enthusiastic and clearly passionate about his role in assisting me throughout the application process. He kept in touch regularly and genuinely cared about helping me to make sure this was the right job for me. I am now all set for a big move down to Cornwall from the North West-exciting times!
I would definitely recommend Careervets if you are looking to change jobs, the service was second to none.

Maria, RVN

After moving to the UK from New Zealand I was looking for a veterinary nursing job in the area I had settled in and wasn’t sure how to start.  I emailed my CV to Pete and he did the rest. He took note of all the things I was looking for in a job and my experience and circumstances, and a few weeks later I had my first Interview and got the job straight away! Pete has been extremely helpful and easy to deal with throughout the whole process.  As well as looking at jobs advertised in the area he actively rang around and sent my CV out to clinics in the area that were not advertising and managed to get me an interview (and now job) at a great clinic not yet advertising because of his good relationship with all the clinics he deals with. He kept in constant contact with me and my now new employer throughout the entire process, making sure we were on the same page and all the details were worked out. I would not hesitate to recommend Pete to anyone looking for a job in the veterinary industry he helps make the job hunting process a breeze and gives you helpful advice and tips on how to portray yourself in your best light.

Rosie Randall, RVN

I have known Pete for many months now and from the very first time we spoke, I found him to be professional, courteous and one of those rare “nothing is too much trouble” individuals.

Pete stands out from, and in fact rises way above, the average locum agency in that he actually takes the time to get to know you and then recommends only the positions he thinks are right for you. Never once are you made to feel pressured and if you’re unhappy or unsure at any time, Pete is always on hand to talk things through.

I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Pete’s services to anyone, be it for recruitment or finding that next dream job!

Tracy Backhouse, BVSC CertAnBeh MRCVS

I first contacted Pete following the completion of my degree. I received a call from him the following day where he took the time to listen to what I required in a job. Pete was very professional at all times and communication was to a high standard. I felt no pressure to excepted jobs as he understood the importance of me finding the right job for my family and myself.

Susan Hoddinott, RVN

Pete was very sincere in helping me look for a job that met with my requirements. I had been working in a small animal hospital but wanted to take that next step in my career towards a managerial as well as clinical role, as I felt it would provide me with a much greater sense of job satisfaction. Pete was always encouraging and took the time to get to know my personality. I now have a really good job with scope to grow professionally which is highly rewarding! I would recommend Pete to anyone who is even considering the possibility of a new venture!

Shilpi Prasad, Veterinary Surgeon

Pete has been great at helping me find my first job. He was very professional and was always there if I had a question or problem. He also kept in contact regularly via email and calls which was great. Pete was very proactive in finding jobs that met my criteria and within a week of sending him my CV, I had my first interview which lead to a verbal job offer! I would definitely recommend this service.

 Caroline, RVN

Pete offered an all round excellent service from the initial point of contact until I secured my new job.

The initial consultation was very thorough, discussing my needs and preferences in great detail, then proceeded to search not only in published advertisements but with other contacts as well. He was always there to discuss any concerns or investigate positions further.

The job I was offered came just as I was starting to lose hope that I would find a job before the end of my notice period. It wasn’t one I would have found myself and I am very grateful that Pete encouraged me to visit the practice even though the job didn’t seem ideal initially on paper.

I would certainly recommend CareerVets to any veterinary professional as they have been the most helpful and supportive recruitment agency I have ever come across.

Megan Davies, Veterinary Surgeon

Pete has been brilliant throughout the whole processes of helping me to find my first job. He was really easy to approach and talk to, always easy to contact yet very professional. He listened to all my credentials for my “dream” job and took them all into consideration when looking for prospective job opportunities. He got me an interview within my first week of being with the agency! I would definitely recommend this service to all my veterinary friends looking for a new job. Thanks for all your hard work Pete!

Beth Bond, RVN

Because I was relocating to a totally different area it seemed very daunting to begin with until I contacted Pete at CareerVets. He took all the stress away of me having to contact practices and send out my CV, all of this was done for me. All I had to do was wait for the regular phone calls and emails to update me which depending on vacancies available at the time were sometimes weekly.
After Pete first phoned me about the job vacancy he had an interview arranged within a few days for me. Within a week of that phone call I had been offered and accepted the job. Pete was very understanding of my situation and knew exactly the sort of job and practice I was searching for. I found Pete extremely encouraging and enthusiastic and this helped me greatly as I felt I had a lot of support from CareerVets. The service I received was very efficient, friendly, personal yet professional and not once did I feel I was just another client. I am so pleased I took that step to make that first phone call to Career Vets.  Thank you Pete and CareerVets.

Wendy Hickenbottom RVN

I first spoke to Peter Vernon while i was traveling around Europe. I was in Switzerland at the time and he called me soon after i emailed him about Veterinary nursing jobs in the UK.
The fact that he called me while i was abroad impressed me and I knew that i had made the right choice.
I arrived into London and had 3 interviews already lined up!  He was very prompt with always getting back to me and replying to my emails. He would contact me before and after any interviews to wish me luck or to see how they went. He would always listen to any of my concerns and would offer very helpful and professional advice.  He is the reason that I now have the perfect job that suits me entirely. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is seeking employment in veterinary clinics

Jacki Peyton, Head Nurse

Pete at CareerVets was helpful the moment I emailed my CV to the website. We discussed my current position and what I wanted for my career.  Pete quickly and efficiently was able to look for suitable roles straight away; the service was tailored to my needs, not just lists of current vacancies in the area. I found the service very personable and enjoyed being in regular contact with Pete during the search, always positive and friendly. The interview process was less daunting as Pete was in contact both before and after, it was great to have someone to discuss everything with. Pete really shared my excitement when I was offered my dream position and is still in contact, offering support.  I could not recommend CareerVets enough!

Kat Gavin, Head Nurse

My name is Claire gear, I am 21 years of age and I was looking for a job within the veterinary industry as a Trainee Veterinary Nurse. I came across a position advertised in South Devon on the Internet that a practice was looking for a 2nd year student trainee.  I contacted Pete who runs his own agency dealing with practices and finding potential candidates for selected jobs in the veterinary field. I told Pete my circumstances that I have been working in practice for a year and gained relevant experience but had not yet began my training as a veterinary nurse but was looking for a opportunity to put  my knowledge and skills I had learned into practice. Pete was extremely helpful, he understood my situation and took my details and references I had acquired and did his very best to convince the practice in South Devon that I would be suitable for the position and a good reliable keen candidate.  Pete kept in contact with me most days via email, text or phone call to update me with any progress or news.  It turned out that over a period of a week or so I was invited in for an interview for this position thanks to Pete’s help and it went very well. Pete gave me some useful tips before the interview and lots of encouragement.  After the interview he rang to see how it went and said he would speak to the practice to gain their feedback. After a few days the practice had offered me the position as a Trainee Veterinary Nurse which I was thrilled about as it was something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I couldn’t have done it without Pete’s help.  The speed of the service he offered was great; there was lots of communication between him and the practice and it gave me confidence after hearing they were very pleased with me at the interview. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a career in the veterinary field to contact Pete as he offers a very professional service.

Claire Gear, Trainee Nurse

Thanks to Pete for getting me in touch with Chris in the first place and delivering both the job interview and ultimately the job itself.

As you know, not being a UK graduate, it’s been very hard for me to get job interviews, especially whilst living in Scotland, so I really value Pete’s work and what he’s done for me.  Also, most recruiting agencies I have dealt with over the past few months weren’t really reliable, as they would ask me to consider jobs not matching my qualification or wouldn’t follow up after proposing me a job opportunity.  I also appreciated the constant communication I had with Pete both before the interview and over the long week that followed, before getting the job offer.  I had quite a few difficult months before finally landing this job so I feel truly relieved and can’t wait to start a new exciting adventure.

Carlo Benetollo, Vet

I thought the service Pete provided was great. He was very helpful and stayed in contact regularly which was great. He always made himself available which was great considering my busy schedule.

Tara Flanagan, RVN from Ireland relocating to England

I wasn’t looking for a new job when Careervets made a polite and discrete approach to introduce me to a local opportunity I knew nothing about.  They arranged an interview to fit around my work and childcare commitments and responded quickly to my subsequent  questions.  After I accepted the position the regular communication was reassuringly received as the change of direction seemed quite daunting at the time.  My old job was stagnant and dull with no prospects for career progression.  Now after only 8 months in my new role I have been promoted to Clinical Director of 2 city practices and the future holds few limits.  Careervets lives up to its name!

Stephanie Tickle MA VetMB MRCVS

Pete has been fantastic at helping me find employment!  Within a week of sending him my CV I had been interviewed twice and verbally offered a role which I thought was amazing!  He was very professional throughout, keeping me updated via emails, text and calls.  I cannot thank Pete enough for all of his help!

Nikki Maidment, RVN

This is just a quick email to express my gratitude for your outstanding assistance in my quest for a job.  I have found you very reliable, very friendly and always ahead of me.  I appreciate all the phone calls and all the text messages, especially those lovely reminders prior to the interview.  Although it’s in your interest that the job gets filled, you were equally keen to make sure that it was right one for me.  Throughout the process, I felt that you were more a friend than an employment agent.  I have no reservation, at all, to recommend you to others and I am very positive that they will receive a similar treatment.

Once more thank you very much and please let us stay in touch.

Barri Hamid, Veterinary Surgeon

I have Pete to thank for finding me my dream job through CareerVets!  The whole process was stress free and I’ve found a role that couldn’t be more perfect for me.  His service was speedy (but by no means rushed!) and communication was frequent.  Pete understood exactly what I was after and was supportive throughout – we even had a debrief after my interview, which I thought was a lovely touch.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for their next adventure

Shannon Khaliq, Veterinary Surgeon